May 15, 2017

Blue and White in the Kitchen

Blue and White in the Kitchen

For as long as I can remember, I have liked Blue and White as a colour combination.

My vignette today also features a little added spice.

The whole vignette sits on top of a mirrored medicine cabinet door.
It is also seen in a different vignette HERE.

The small silver trophy is filled with nutmeg.

An old crockery bottle holds sprigs of rosemary.

Cinnamon sticks sit inside a large round hand-made grater.  Next to the cinnamon are some dried leaves called cinnamon leaves used as a spice.  The leaves are not from the same plant as the cinnamon sticks.

Blue and White pottery pieces found washed up on a beach just like beach glass.

I always wonder about where these things come from and how they came to be in the sea.

A ship had been grounded on the same beach during a hurricane.  It was still there when we visited the island in 2009.
When we were back in 2015, the ship had been removed.

I suppose it is possible that the shards of pottery came from this ship.
Of course, we will never know for sure.

The plant sits atop a stack of blue and white dishes

The shelves in the kitchen are also dressed in Blue and White.

This plate is old.  I have several of them and the pattern is called Blue River.

This part of the shelf is where a collection of jugs sit in front of a painting by an Ontario artist.   
It has been painted on silk.  There are two other paintings, not seen here today, of similar size and frame.  I just love the colours in her work.  This particular piece, although the colours are beautiful, is not as vibrant as the other two works.

I picked up the blue ceramic tray at a garage sale a few years ago.

I think Blue and White will always be a favourite colour combination.  It never seems to go out of style and it goes very nicely with other colours like pink, yellow, and green.

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  1. I love this glimpse into your kitchen (although I'm hanging my head in shame when I think of mine by comparison!) Blue and white is such a wonderful combo -- so fresh and lovely. It looks beautiful~!

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. The colours blue and white are so classic and refreshing. I think they are my favourite combination. Glad you could stop by.

  2. Hi Barbara, I came over from Kathryn's blue and white party. I love your vignette. The painting is so pretty too. Can you tell me where you got the little blue stool? I love them for raising decor pieces. I have collected blue and white pieces for 35 years so have alot:):) Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Hi Pinky,
      I am glad to hear from you. The blue stool was purchased at a Christmas craft show about three years ago. I don't have the name of the people who were selling them. I think they were making them to sell. Sorry, I wish I had more information for you. They are handy to use in different applications. I have used it to prop up one of those drink dispensers where you put a cup under the spout to fill it. It comes in handy. I hope you can find one and if I come across them again I will contact you.
      Happy New Year, Pinky.


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