January 31, 2017

2017 Interior Design Show

Interior Design Show

Jan/2017 Toronto

Top: Chandelier by Brothers Dressler, Bottom Left: Gweilo by Partisans, Bottom Right:  Susan Avishai Upcycled Fiber Art

We attended the Interior Design Show and were very impressed with the number of talented and dedicated artisans we encountered.

I can tell you that the use of wood, live edge, rustic, reclaimed, and new is not going away.  At least, probably not for a number of years.  

Sleek and traditional looking kitchens and bathrooms will still be around.  Counters are being made of manmade materials such a quartz, but, also some beautiful wood products.

The trend toward rustic and industrial furnishings is still in evidence.  Again, I think the abundance of wood products contributes to this.  There are also some manufacturers who are making industrial-looking hardware and bases for tables, etc.

In paint colour, there is more colour showing this year.  Greys and whites are still there, but, I believe we will be seeing more colour in our future.

I am happy to take you with me so that you can see a few of the innovative products and works of art that we saw at the show.  I have featured just a few here.

Modern Ming Chair    The Modern Ming Chair was designed by Martin C. Vendryes of  Ontario and inspired by the Ming Dynasty.  The material shown here is black walnut.  It is intended to be used as a dining chair with side chairs also being an option. The craftsmanship in this chair is exquisite.


Susan Avishai grew up in Montreal.   She spent time in Paris and Toronto.  She lived in Jerusalem, New York and Boston.  She paints and draws, but, what she is showing us here is art made from discarded clothing.  When I first came upon her booth I stopped to look.  I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing and then it began to reveal itself.
Susan is a talented artist and it is well worth stopping by her website to view her work www.susanavishai.net

Gweilo, architectural lighting that is made from acrylic sheets. The acrylic has been etched with a grid pattern.  Using a technique of heating the acrylic to 400 degrees Celsius and then removing it from the heat while it is still molten and pliable it is hand sculpted into unique shapes.  A metal strip containing LED lighting is fixed to the edge.  The grid, acting as channels for the light to flow across, gives the illusion that the light is fluid and flowing.
This is a LAMP award winning light.


Mural Unique has a catalogue of mural designs available in stock sizes.  The designs are so very realistic.  They will also do custom orders using your own photography.  Prices are fairly reasonable for stock murals and a little more if you want your own photos recreated.

International Guest of Honour

Sir David Adjaye was the International Guest of Honour at the 2017 Interior Design Show in Toronto.  We were eager to hear his talk and were well rewarded when we heard him speak.

Sir David was born in Tanzania and has increasingly received recognition for work around the world.  Adjaye Associates have offices in New York, London, and Accra.  In 2016 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his contributions to architecture.

In North America, we would know him best for his work on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on Washington's National Mall.  The museum is a 400,000 square foot building and easily seen from the Washington Monument.  The juxtaposition of one against the other is quite striking.  I was fascinated to hear how he came up with this design and some of the other designs he talked about.


Here Sir David is sitting on the chair he designed.  I guess we will call it The Adjaye Chair.  I am sure it will become iconic.


Here is another view of the Adjaye Chair.


Thank you for coming with me today.  I hope you enjoyed the show.

Please be sure to leave comments.  I would like to know if you enjoyed it.

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