February 22, 2017

Trends in Decorating and What to Do With Them

What are Decorating Trends?

How Do We Use Them?

Who Decides What will be the Trend?

 When it comes to colour, companies like Pantone look around the world and assess political moods, how well the world is doing financially, and they assess natural and man-made disasters, among many other things.   They look to see what is happening in fashion, art, design, the automobile industry and increasingly the environment.

Going back to 1926 there was a correlation between the stock market and women's hemlines.  If the stock market went up, about three years later so did the hemlines.  Hemlines went down at the same rate again after the stock market went down.  That may or may not have been absolutely true, but it makes a good story and people like to believe it.

Here is the big thing to remember,  Trends are just a general tendency.  They may not be around next year, or they may be around for 10-years.  It is difficult to say which ones are staying and which ones will be gone.  

Last year Rose Quartz and Serenity were the Pantone Colours of the year.  I still see a lot of pink and it may be popular for a couple more years.  Blue is what I would call a Classic colour and so it is almost always in fashion.  In 2015 the Pantone Colour of the Year was Marsala.  Does anyone remember that?  I guess it didn't last.

I have been enjoying pink in my wardrobe and putting pink towels in my bathroom, but I don't think a pink couch is in the forecast for me, and I don't  want to paint my walls pink.

How to incorporate Trends into your present decor      When you see something you really like and want to have, think about how it will fit into your present decor.  If you have traditional styling in your home decor will a large acrylic floor lamp really fit in with what you have?   Would it fit in better with a different style?Think about practicality.  Do you remember a few years ago when very large lampshades were on trend?    Maybe you don't remember that.  They didn't last.  With so many people living in smaller living quarters these days, they were just too big to be practical.  Not every trend is going to work. When renovating or purchasing large ticket items, try to stick with classic styling.  That doesn't necessarily mean traditional styling.  It could mean contemporary styling.  Let me explain.  Many years ago I had an apartment with turquoise kitchen appliances.  I thought they were the absolute greatest, but, after two years I was glad to move.  

A new kitchen is a wonderful thing and an expensive thing.   If you make an investment in stone or quartz countertops that is also a wonderful thing.  If you pick a Rose Quartz countertop, it may not be such a wonderful thing in the long term.  You will tire of it, and then there is resale to consider.   Finishes can date a renovation.   Try to select finishes that will keep their appeal over time such as wood flooring, stone or quartz counters.  I don't see them going away anytime soon.     Classic styling is simply the styles that last the test of time.
Start small.  If it is the latest colour that you really like, buy some throw cushions, or throw blankets, candles, a bowl or two.  Try it out in small quantities to see if you really like it.    If you do like it, try some more.  It might give your home a nice visual boost.  Just remember the popularity of colours come and go so you may not want to invest too much money on a new trend right away.

This is the most important advice I can give you.  Have fun, be cautious, but not afraid, do your homework.   If you are stuck, call in a professional.  Sometimes you just need some reassurance, someone to tell you that you are going down the right path. 
If you have any questions, please contact me.  My contact information and Subscription information is below.

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