March 16, 2017

Spring Mantel

Spring Mantel

There are only a few days left until the beginning of Spring.  It is time to start switching over to Spring decor.

These are the elements used.
I started with an old window frame turned on its side.  It is too tall otherwise.  You don't really see it in the photos, but, I like that it is four panes over one.  This frame has been used in many vignettes over the years and still has its original hardware.

Next, the mirror was added and it is oriented vertically.

The crockery bottle with Spring flowers.

I can never get enough of bird's nests at this time of the year.  There are three nests each different and each under their own glass cloche.

The cloches are sitting on top of stacked white plates.

This nest was once a robin's nest that was falling apart.  I repaired it and added some grass and branches.  One of my Moss Eggs is inside the nest.

This little nest is made from Weeping Willow twigs on the outside and then filled with grass.  The instructions for Making Bird Nests with twigs and grass.  The nest sits atop of two white china teacups.

The last nest is made of grass attached to a tinfoil cup.  Instructions are at  Making Bird Nests  It sits inside of a pink sugar bowl.

Enjoy decorating for Spring.

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  1. So pretty! I love the way you've layered things both in depth (with the frame and the old window) and in height (with the stacked plates and cups). This is really so attractive

  2. Barbara,
    I love bird's nests and yours are perfect in their cloches. Very nice mantel arrangement... I have a tendency to overdo and am trying to work on editing. Your mantel looks great.


    1. Thank you, Judith. I have to restrain myself from over decorating. It is not easy because I have too much well loved stuff.

  3. Absolutely beautifu! I completely love the large glass door knob and the variation of numbered plates. It all came together lovely :) Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Linky Party!

  4. Your spring cloches are lovely! I need to work on mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Eilis

      Thank you for your kind words.


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