June 09, 2017

Eden's Door, Tobago

Eden's Door, Tobago West Indies

On a recent trip to Trinidad and Tobago, we visited Eden's Door where we found an interesting lady who has created a very special place.

Her advertisement advised us that we would find "Farm and Fitness Trails nestled in an urban tropical forest."

That is exactly what we found.

Immediately after arriving, we were greeted by Jennifer Bailey, who is the proprietor.

We were asked to sit in the bamboo shelter with the orange roof where she chatted with us about her farm.

Jennifer Bailey

Our skin took on an orange hue while we sat in her bamboo shelter.

Dr Bailey talked to us about her vision of an organic farm, fitness trails, and glamping experiences.

The farm is in a forested valley with steep sides.

Trails were built and can be seen switchbacking across the hills from the bottom of the valley.  The trails accommodate anyone interested in exercising and fitness.

Stairs have been built to either ascend or descend the trails.

On the hills, there is all manner of produce growing including mango trees, lime trees, cashew trees.  There is sweet potato, cassava, pineapple, banana, just to mention a few.

There are also raised beds where produce is grown.

Jennifer has planted almost everything herself.  There is so much work to be done.  As we sat on the lower part of one of the trails, she told me an application had been made for a 'woofer' and that one was coming soon.  She was hoping to get a second one as well.  

'Woofer' is an acronym for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
A 'woofer' is someone who signs up with the organisation as an intern to learn about organic farming by participating hands-on in the farming process.  They are often young with a college or university degree.


Some small cabins are being built up on the hill.  

Although Jennifer has planted most of the property herself, she does have help with the buildings.

Corporal Bailey's General Store is located near the front of the property.

Corporal Bailey's picture can be seen above the arch in this picture.  He was Jennifer's grandfather and he ran a general store on the property until 1938.

Jennifer considers herself to ba a global citizen and her decorating style reflects that.

She likes bright colours in blue, gold, yellow, and red.

Once a month, on the full moon, Jennifer hosts a Moonlight Hike and Cook-Out.
This must be booked in advance.

Participants hike up to the top to greet the full moon and then descend to the Bamboo Shelter where supper awaits.

I hope we can schedule one of these dinners on our next visit.

Dr Bailey has led an interesting life.  I won't tell you everything.  Hopefully, you will be able to visit Eden's Door yourself and learn more about Jennifer and her farm.

Jennifer Bailey

LP #83, Plymouth Road
Mary's Hill, Tobago
Ph 868-329-7785

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  1. What a fabulous trip. all that amazing color and beautiful flowers. The people portraits are wonderful character studies as well. I think I would have been in seventh heaven here -- and I think you were, too! I love Jennifer's style.

    1. It is very nice there and I like getting away from the usual tourist experience. We stayed at a time share, but we are lucky that our relative, who we were traveling with, is from Trinidad. We got to meet people that you wouldn't necessarily see at a resort.

  2. Looks like you had the trip of a lifetime. This is one of those places that touches you. I really enjoyed the read

    1. This is a special place, Leanna. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip and I would love to study organic Farming

    1. Yes, it was a great trip, Amber. There is a Woofer website, if you would like to check out the programme.

  4. I think I'd like to be a woofer! Although my back might not agree. :)

    1. Yea, Nikki, I hear you and my back hears you. It does sound interesting, though. You get to travel to different parts of the world, too.

  5. What a fascinating place to visit, your post brought it very much to life, if you could add a mosaic too it would be even better for us @ Mosaic Monday.

    1. Oh Maggie, I forgot this one didn't have a mosaic. I shall remember that for next time. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Finally I am here...I am Valentina a wwoofer from Italy, Just arrived a week ago and I am so exicited to stay here for 3 months..so many interesting things to do and to learn from Jennifer, a really inspiration and a wonderful and strong woman who is following up her dreams and has succesfully created a place like Heaven!!!This is my first wwoofing experience and I am so glad to be in a such gorgeous place where you can enjoy the trails,the nature, the peace, the cabin for glamping and simply divine food come directly from the farm...It Is really such an amazing experience, I was looking for a change of Life and trying to test myself and It Is exactly what I found here...I will keep updated with more photos of all the beautiful things here and really Hope Jennifer can get more and more help at Edens'Door farm!!!

    1. Vale, I am glad you have arrived at Eden's Door and hope that you will have a wonderful stay. Thank you for leaving a comment on this post. I hope to do a follow-up post, but I will need more pictures. I am not sure when we will be able to visit again. Please contact me at barbarawindleinteriors@gmail.com


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