November 16, 2017

Cutting Board Makeover

Cutting Board Makeover

When I found this cutting board at the thrift store, I knew it wouldn't take a lot to restore and update it.

Cutting Board Makeover

It wasn't in bad shape, but it was dirty and there was a build-up of grease on it.

Cutting Board Makeover

It had plain, utilitarian white feet.  The bottom of the board was dirty from the hands that had used it.

I used a palm sander with 80 Grit sandpaper to remove all the old dirt and grease.

I used bleach in a sink of water and then let the board soak for an hour.

I rinsed the board and let it dry overnight.

I then used 220 Grit sandpaper to finish off the sanding.

The end result, as shown below, was very smooth, exposed raw wood.

Cutting Board Makeover

I used four unfinished wood drawer pulls as feet.   I found them here: Wood Drawer Pulls

I fastened my new feet with Hanger Bolts that I found here:  HERE.

I had to drill out the holes in the board and in the drawer pulls in order to make them large enough to accommodate the hanger bolts.

I screwed the bolts into the board and then screwed the feet on to the bolts.

Cutting Board Makeover

Next, I waxed the board and feet with Board wax as shown below.

You can find the same wax.  It is called Orange Wax at Lee Valley Tools.

Cutting Board Makeover

I left the wax on overnight to soak in.  In the morning the board was buffed with a soft cloth.

Cutting Board Makeover

Finally, ceramic drawer pulls were added as handles.  They were marked down to $1.98 each and found HERE

The bolts on the ceramic drawer pulls were replaced with long wood screws. The exposed ends of the screws were painted with Antique Brass paint.

 Cutting Board Makeover

Almost all of the knife marks were removed with sanding.

I could have used a wood stain and sealer, but, I decided that I wanted to put food directly on the surface of the board.

Non-toxic wood wax for use on boards and bowls was the perfect solution.

Cutting Board Makeover

The board has a new life.

It can be used as either a serving piece, as I am using it, or it could be used as a chopping block for meat or vegetables.

Cutting Board Makeover

I do believe I will enjoy this board for many years.

Cutting Board Makeover

The cost of the project was a fraction of the cost of a new board.

Cutting Board Makeover

Here is the Link for information about The Care & Cleaning of Wood Boards & Bowls.

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  1. I've missed your posts! I love this one -- it's always good to know what to do with a bad cutting board that has good potential. I've not heard of that wax -- I'll have to check online!

    1. I don't know if you have Lee Valley Tools where you live, but that is where I got it and it is a very good wax. When polished it is so smooth. It smells like oranges, so it is not unpleasant. Lee Valley are not an affiliate, but I like the things they sell.

      I hope you are enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend, Jeanie.


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