January 24, 2018

Interior Design Show 2018


We have just come back from the 2018 Interior Design Show in Toronto.

I enjoy this show every year.

I enjoy it so much because the artisans showcasing their products are so talented.  

 am energised when I am in their company and see their work.


We have seen the latest in kitchen and bathroom design, all very beautiful.


There was furniture design that every year seems to get better.

We have even seen the self-cleaning toilets and taps that measure out an exact amount of water for when you need a precise amount in a recipe.

I am going to feature some of the artisans we met and not so much the bigger companies.

Cherrywood Studio

This studio creates live-edge and traditional tables from urban hardwood that is otherwise destined for landfill sites.

The process can take up to three years from collecting and saving the log, milling, and drying, to the actual production of the product.

We love that the wood is being salvaged from urban resources.

To see pictures of the process and check the range of products being offered, go to the website http://cherrywoodstudio.ca/

amala carpets

 https://www.amalacarpets.com/Amala carpets offer socially sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing methods for hand-made carpets.  This is a 6th  generation family-owned business.  
Carpets are made from silk and or wool in both Thailand and Nepal. 

We saw several carpet makers while at the show, but, we really liked the approach of this company.

The carpets are beautiful and can be made in the customer's choice of colours.

We would love to own one of these someday.


Bosendorfer Artisans

The Oscar Peterson Signature Edition commemorates the 90th birthday of Oscar Peterson who himself played a Bosendorfer piano.

This piano plays a number of never released compositions recorded by Oscar Peterson.

Listening to this piano is like having him right in the room with you.

Extraordinarily beautiful.

Phil Carriere

Phil Carriere Photography Transformed in Unique Framed.

Phil's photography is not only beautiful but, he uses a finishing process that brings out a depth and colour that is unique.

I loved his work done in Havana.

I am afraid my photography does not do justice to the work, but you can go to the website.


Pur cachet

Pur cachet has a different approach to use reclaimed wood.  

Their product is seen in the foreground of the picture above and is among other products they produce.  The logs can be ordered online.  You choose the colour, the top, and the finish.

Sun Louvre Pergolas

We liked this company from Quebec.  The louvres are easily opened and closed.  When closed they provide shelter from the rain.  

The louvres can be run up the sides of the pergola to add some privacy or as a windbreak.

This is just a small glimpse of the show.  There is something for almost every taste.

Trends We Noticed

There is still a lot of wood both live edge and milled with a number of different finishes.  Black walnut is still a favourite.

Wood flooring is still big, both solid and engineered.  There is also a trend toward reclaimed wood floors.

Metal is everywhere.  They are using it on furniture as bent or welded legs and as part of the furniture structure.
Taps and plumbing are mostly brushed nickel, shiny chrome, or gold.  We didn't notice much bronze or black in plumbing.

Light fixtures are going large.  They are being used as a feature in a room and can be real attention getters.

Stone is still being used for countertops and floors.
More and more we saw manufactured counters such as quartz.
We also saw terrazzo flooring.

Upholstered Furniture
Wool for upholstery materials as well as the softest leathers.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at the Interior Design Show 2018.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. This would be fantastic to see in person!

    1. Yes, Sandra, it is a great place for inspiration.

  2. Sounds like fun. I'm glad wood is still in. I love wood!

    1. It never really goes out of style except for when they convinced everyone to cover their hardwood floors with wall to wall carpet.

  3. Barbara, this looks like a great design show! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Pam. We enjoy it each year.

  4. Barbara, I love hearing the latest from design shows! Would love to see those live-edge pieces. You mentioned quartz counters - we put those in 11 years ago and absolutely love them! I'm so glad I thoroughly researched the possibilities and thought it through and went with quartz -- perfect for all my dough and pasta rolling AND no maintenance whatsoever.

    1. Quartz does seem to give the best bang for buck. It just has everything going for it. A wonderful invention.

  5. Thanks for taking us to the show. Exciting! When you mentioned black walnut, I wish I had pictures of my parents home where my dad felled the walnut tree, milled the wood and built my mother's counter tops. So beautiful and that was like 60 years ago at least. Ahead of his time. Thank you for your visit and your kind comments. I appreciate them..Happy Weekend..Judy

    1. Wow, Judy. I would like to see pictures of that counter. It must have been beautiful.

  6. This must be an awesome experience. I noticed that wood is still in, but nothing was noted about painted wood. Is that a no-no? Just curious because of the modern farmhouse trend. Thank you for sharing with The Blogging Grandmothers. I have shared on social media.

  7. Clearissa, this is a wonderful show full of artisans and those that are up and coming artisans displaying their designs and products. Many of the companies that attend are well known such as Miele or Caesarstone who use this show to introduce new products.

    Decorating trends like Farmhouse, Industrial, etc. are not necessarily represented with products directed toward those trends. I did, however, see products such as Annie Sloan paints that would indicate that wood is still being painted. I can also say that I didn't see many natural or stained wood kitchen cabinets. Most of them were white or a colour. One kitchen had a deep green lacquer finish. It was stunning to look at. Wood furniture was natural, stained, and some was painted. There were black stained or painted chairs and tables.

    Farmhouse, as a decorating trend, has been around for a few years. Trends like these generally last about ten or twelve years. All trends eventually come to an end and the same will be true with this trend. Companies who make the products we buy to obtain a certain look need us to keep buying stuff so you know that a new trend will come along.

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