August 08, 2018

Selling a House - Staging Part 2

This is the third and final post in this series.   Getting Organized for a Move and Selling a House - Staging Part 1 are the first two posts in the series.

I will leave links to both posts near the end.

Once the house is on the market it is important to try to keep it as clean and neat as possible.

Beds have to be made every day.
The bed in the master bedroom above had nine pillows.  Yes, it seemed a bit excessive to me as well, but I made sure that every morning they were placed perfectly.

The walls in the master bedroom were painted Abalone by Benjamin Moore.  I used this colour a lot in the house.  It is very easy to live with but can be a bit of a chameleon.  Depending on the light, it can read as very light blue, light grey or pale putty.

I wanted the room to be peaceful and restful.  The bedding is the lightest grey and the accent colour lilac/pink.

This bathroom is also painted Abalone and the accent colour is pink.  The only change here was new white towels.

Sinks, taps, counters, and toilets have to be wiped down every day.
Garbage will have to be removed when you leave the house.
I carried a plastic bag around with me while I was getting ready in the mornings just for garbage.  I would leave it next to the door to remove on my way out of the house.

My office has a black wall, Black Magic by Sherwin Williams.
The other walls in the office are painted Sherwin William's, Cotton White.

Bookcases should be cleaned off and styled or removed altogether

I use a china cabinet in the office to store and easily find ribbons and other crafting supplies.
I made sure that everything in the cabinet was organized and presentable.

The guest room is painted in Sand Dune by Sherwin Williams.

The room has teal accents and is softened with white bedding and a Laura Ashley quilt.

 Vignettes are kept to a minimum.
This one in the kitchen is in the accent colours of navy and green.

 The table in the kitchen was set in blue and white.

 The mantel and coffee table received small vignettes.  We used a few faux green plants throughout.

Mirrors help bounce the light around and make a room appear spacious.

Place settings in the dining room were staged in the accent colours of navy and green.

Staging Tips Summary

Plan your staging and enlist the help of a professional stager if you feel you need some help.  

Use a neutral pallet for walls and large pieces of furniture.  Sofas and chairs can be covered if their colour does not go with your overall staging plan.

Stick with a colour scheme as much as possible.  Repeat accent colours throughout adjoining rooms.

Remove and store pieces furniture that may suggest rooms are overcrowded.

Keep everything clean and polished.  Wipe down bathrooms and kitchens daily.

Vacuum and damp mop floors often.

Keep vignettes and accent items to a minimum.  Less is definitely more here.  You are showing your home and not all the cute things you have.  Place accent pieces so that they suggest a possibility to a buyer.

Fresh flowers are nice but don't knock yourself out trying to put them in every room.  We used one small fresh flower arrangement in the kitchen.  Use longlasting flowers such as mums, orchids, hydrangeas so that you don't have to replace them daily.

Clean out fridges so buyers can see how spacious they are.

Remove pets and their paraphernalia including litter boxes before each viewing.  Arranging to have pets stay elsewhere during the sale is a good idea.  

Remove garbage daily.

Keep lawns and gardens groomed.  Use a leaf blower to quickly remove debris from porches and walkways.

Put personal items away, ie. brushes, toothbrushes, washcloths, and dirty laundry.  Use a box to store your personal items and towels and keep the box out of sight.

If you are having multiple open houses on the same weekend try to be away the entire weekend.  It will be less stressful.

Initiate a plan and follow through with a daily cleaning, straightening, and fluffing routine.  

Hopefully, your home will sell quickly so that you can relax a little.  

Having your home in top shape will increase buyer interest, but it will also depend on the market in your area at the time you choose to sell.  In my area, early spring(March) is a good time to put a house on the market and then again at the end of summer.

I missed the early springtime slot and managed to get on the market by mid-June.  The house sold in three and a half weeks.

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