June 16, 2017

Fair Meadow Place Bookshelf - Black and White (and a bit in between)

Fair Meadow Place Bookshelf

Black and White

(and a bit in between)

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A Link to the Book

A Black and White colour scheme is just about the most elegant and classic colour combinations in interior decorating.

This is a lovely coffee table book for those who like decorating and it still fits on a bookshelf.

Every page is filled with photographs of home interiors.

Decorating in Black and White is not as easy as it looks.  There are almost as many shades of black to choose from as there are shades of white.

Because the two are so highly contrasted a room's flaws are often accentuated.

Decisions have to be made.  How much black should you use?  A lot of black provides a sense of drama.

More white than black is still elegant, but less dramatic.  Use it sparingly or lavishly?

How does one layer these two contrasting neutrals?  Can you add some colour and still have a black and white scheme?

Black and White in architecture is great for contrast.

Black and White can be very masculine, but, add a few curves and it becomes  feminine.

I find this is a great reference book and I pick it up often just to be inspired.

This book talks about adding colour to black and white, collecting art, tools for getting black and white right, being inspired by nature, and even entertaining in black and white.

Click on the Link to find the book.
Black & White (and a bit in between)

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  1. Oh, what a gorgeous book. I can see why it found a spot on your book case!

    1. It is a beautiful book and one worth sharing. Thanks Jeanie.

  2. Oh so pretty! ‪Thank you for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty!‬

    1. Yes, it is a pretty book. I am glad you stopped by.


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