June 22, 2017

Three Favourite Summer Napkins

Three Favourite Summer Napkin Folds

Three Favourite Summer Napkins

I have acquired more than a few napkin rings over the years.  It is so easy to pull one on over the napkin and then fluff. 

In Summer, when we are eating meals outside, I often like to fold napkins so that they hold the flatware.

I am presenting three of the easiest pocket fold napkins.

You don't even need to use an iron, although, you can if you like to have sharply creased folds.

You have probably used at least one of these napkins before.  This is just a refresher course.

The first one is the Envelope Fold

Envelope Fold Napkin

I use the Envelope Fold for smaller napkins.  I think it looks better with small napkins than with large napkins.

Start with the napkin right side down.  Fold both sides into the middle.  
Next, fold the bottom up to meet the side folds.  
Fold the bottom up again to about where the two sides cross over each other.
Fold the top down.
I just finger press it.

You can leave the envelope closed and perhaps place a treat or note inside.

I often open the envelope and place the silverware inside.

Envelope Fold Napkin 2

The Triple Pocket is easier than it looks.

Triple Pocket Fold Napkin

Fold the napkin in half, right sides together.  Fold in half again to form a square.
Fold down the top three corners.  The 1st corner is folded down to meet and line up with the bottom corner.  The 2nd corner is folded and tucked in behind the 1st.  The 3rd corner is folded down and tucked behind the 2nd.
When the folds are adjusted evenly, turn the napkin face down.
Fold the left side in about 2 inches.
Fold the right side over the left side.
Turn it over and it is finished.

Triple Pocket Fold Napkin 2

The Basic Silverware Pouch

Basic Silverware Pouch

Fold the napkin in half with right sides together.
Fold the top side of the napkin half way down.
Turn the napkin over.
Fold each side in 1/4 of the width of the napkin.
Fold each side again so that they meet close to the middle
Fold one side over on the other side.
The Silverware Pouch is complete.

Basic Silverware Pouch 2

The Envelope Fold and the Silverware Pouch are the easiest and take the least amount of time to make.  The Triple Fold Pocket is a bit fussier.

If you haven't tried napkin folds before, enjoy trying these three this summer.

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  1. These are great, Barbara! Each and every one of them! I'm always looking for a fun way to ramp up the napkins and get the hardware (napkin rings) off the table! These are loads of fun-- thanks!

    And thanks, too, for popping by my blog! Love those visits from my neighbors to the north!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. I love visiting you. You always have something interesting to blog about.

  2. Great tutorial and your place settings are lovely.

  3. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, without which I would not have found you. Your blog is wonderful! I love this post particularly because I am a bit of a nut over napkin folds. Believe it or not, as many as I do, I have never done a pocket fold, so plan to remedy that soon. I LOVE your orange napkin at the top. I am all about orange these days and am crushing on that one, while at the same time wondering what that plate looks like underneath it.

    1. Hi Pattie,

      I enjoyed your blog and look forward to future posts. You made me smile when you mentioned the plate. As it happens, there will be a post coming out July 13/17 called 'Fiesta Cubana' that features that particular set of plates.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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