Sweater Wreath


Sweater Wreath

Good Morning.  I thought I would share with you this wreath that I made from sweaters.



A 10" wreath form either foam or straw.

Three different sweaters that coordinate with each other

Matching yarn to wrap the wreath and make pompoms.

A few dressmaker's pins.


I found the sweaters at the Thrift Store.
I chose them according to their colour and texture.  

Once the sweaters are prepared, the wreath comes together quickly.

Cut the sweaters into 5" stips.  I cut from the bottom, one strip from each sweater and then cut open both side seams so that I had two pieces of each sweater.

Start wrapping the sweater pieces in sections.  Hold in place with pins.

I wrapped 6 sections.

Tie off one end of the yarn and then wrap around the wreath.  Tie off and wrap again in the opposite direction.

At this point, the pins can be removed.

Tie pompoms at the top of the wreath, hang and enjoy.


You can check out Yvonne's post at Stone Gable where I first saw this wreath.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I always wanted to do something from old sweaters!
    I love this color palette. I adore everything rustic and non-sparkly this Christmas. :)

    1. Thank you, Mila. This wreath is so easy to make too.


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