February 10, 2017

A Winter's Walk in the Country

A Winter's Walk in the Country

It has been cold, snowy, overcast, and sometimes drizzly in the country where we are.  Here are a few pictures that will be sure to keep you inside with a warm cup of tea.


Sunrise.  The sky looks promising.  It's not long until it is completely clouded over.

Two gate posts near the driveway.

A  view of the leafless maple tree and old shed.

We call this our Mental Health Bench.  It is positioned under a tree and it is near the garden.  The garden is not in the picture.

Looking out across the fields.

After a storm.

Ice and Snow

I know that winter has its beauty, and it really does.   But, wait until you see it here in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Another view of the shed.

Coffee on the Porch.

I'll be back soon.  Thanks for stopping by.


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