April 03, 2017

Meanwhile in Mr McGregor's Garden....

Meanwhile in Mr McGregor's Garden....


In the Dining Room over on the Buffet, it looks like a Naughty Bunny has found his way into Mr McGregor's Garden.

Well.... I really set this up for grandchildren.  I hope they like it.


I believe the story goes something like this.  

Mrs Rabbit had told Peter to stay out of Mr McGregor's garden.  

The reason was that Mr Rabbit, Peter's father, had met with an untimely end when he was caught by Mr McGregor and put into a pie.


Peter went to the garden anyway and squeezed under the garden gate.


He proceeded to eat his fill of vegetables. 

 He ate so many that he developed a tummy ache and went off in search of some parsley.


But, he ran into Mr McGregor who chased him with a rake.  Poor Peter lost his shoes and coat in the scuffle and had to hide in the garden shed inside the watering can where it was very damp.


He had to run away again when Mr McGregor found him. 

 Peter became completely lost and couldn't find his way out of the garden. 

He had to sneak past Mr McGregor's cat.   

Peter finally found his way out of the garden and home.


When Peter arrived home Mrs Rabbit had to dose him with Camomile Tea (for a tummy ache) and put him to bed.

Peter returned to Mr McGregor's garden to get his coat and shoes.  He found that Mr McGregor had hung his shoes and coat in the garden for a scarecrow.


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  1. Barbara,
    Love your Peter Rabbit post and buffet arrangement...


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Judith. My granddaughter has been enjoying Peter Rabbit.


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