July 17, 2017

July in the Country

July in the Country

I was not raised on a farm, there is so much I don't know about farming.

I was raised in a semi-rural area and when I walked out my back door the farmer's fields were right there at the end of our property.

I used to watch Mr Kennedy on his tractor and then after the wheat harvest we were allowed to walk across the field.

Today, living in the country on a farm part time I have learned a couple of things.

I have learned that when the heads of the wheat bend down it is time to harvest.  This will usually happen late July.

These are such hot and lazy days.

I look forward to the wheat harvest and this is why.

Getting photos like this after the straw has been rolled makes me bounce out of bed and run out of the house in pyjamas and rubber boots, camera in hand.

It's not always easy to get the light just right.

Sometimes you have to wait for a cloud to float by.

What I didn't like about walking across Mr Kennedy's fields after the harvest was the wheat stubble.  It always scratched my ankles.

That's why I took to wearing boots.

I love those long shadows and the colour of the light.

Before you go....

We want to show you one more thing.

A spectacular summer sunset.

I like this one because at the top of the picture you can see an illuminated jet trail.

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  1. What beautiful photos!!! I can sure understand grabbing camera and boots and running out of the house to take pictures... I do it often. :) Sometimes a great photo op only lasts a few minutes!

    1. Sometimes there just isn't time to get dressed. I'm glad you know that feeling too.

  2. Barbara, these are so beautiful. My heart always beats a little faster when I see those hay rounds. They are just so pleasing to my eye! And that one photo with the golden light is a treasure but to be honest, they all are. You truly know how to capture the farm and farm land.

    I want to thank you for your recent comments on Marmelade Gypsy and especially about the water colors. It's a learning process for me and I'm so glad you liked them! (I love your lavender!)

    1. Thanks, Jeanie. I am learning to paint as well.

  3. Great photos and beautiful landscape.Amazing!

    1. Thank you, Louca. It is always nice to see your comments.

  4. Your photographs are stunning. They really take us to your farm. Thanks so much for sharing on Share Your Style.

  5. You have captured the countryside with such lovely photography. Thank you so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  6. I am a province away from home and dislike the prairies until harvest time. The fully ripened fields are stunning for sure. Loved all your pictures.

  7. Gorgeous pictures the light looks perfect and I love hay-bales :)


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