August 01, 2017

Fair Meadow Place Bookshelf - Summer Reading

Fair Meadow Place - Summer Reading

Once life slows down a little in the summer it is a great time to catch up on all those books we would like to read.

It is so satisfying to settle down in a comfortable chair with a cup of ice tea, ice water, or glass of wine and get into a really good book.

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Barometer Rising, by Hugh MacLennan

Barometer Rising was written by Hugh MacLennan in 1941.  The story is a romantic melodrama, intricate and suspenseful written around the real life 1918 Halifax explosion.  The main character, Penelope Wain, believes the man she loves has been disgraced and killed in the First World War.
The explosion of the munitions ship in Halifax harbour is one of the worst accidents in Canadian History.
I like to re-read some of the older books. In some instances, I am reading them for the first time, like this one.

The Butler Speaks A Guide to Stylish Entertaining, Etiquette and the Art of Good Housekeeping
The Butler Speaks

A book that was written by Charles MacPherson, who as I understand it, is a real butler.

I must admit that we refer to this book often, but have not read it from cover to cover.
The book is written in five parts.
Part 1 is about the history of Service.
Part 2 includes different types of butlering and things like the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea.
Part 3 is about the etiquette of entertaining including table settings, napkins, hosting, etc.
Part 4 is about manners, dress codes, and how to use a knife and fork.
Part 5 is the Art of Good Housekeeping.

This is a fun and interesting book for people who entertain and those who like to be entertained.

John Grisham never seems to disappoint.  This novel is based on a fictional theft from Princeton University of hand written manuscripts by a well-known author.  The manuscripts are insured for $25,000,000.  It is an intriguing page-turner that ends up taking us to Camino island in Florida.
The story was good.  It hooked me and kept me turning pages. It was interesting to me as well because the history is woven into the book of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

I have read a number of books lately about The Great War and here is another.
Joseph Boyden has written a novel that centres around two young indigenous men from northern Ontario who signed up to go overseas to fight in the war.
In 1919 the main character, Xavier Bird, is met at the train by his aunt Niska.  He is badly wounded and addicted to morphine.  Days pass as Niska paddles him home while Xavier sleeps in the bottom of the canoe.  His flashbacks of his years in France and Belgium tell the story.
I was immersed in this story that is both horrifying and eye-opening. It is a very good read.

I am about to start this book.  I understand it is a psychological thriller.
Hmm...I like to read in bed just before I turn off the lights at night.  I wonder how that will work.  We will see.  I like to read one of these every once in awhile, though.
From everything I have heard about this book, it is supposed to be good.

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Happy Reading.

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  1. Oh dear! I wrote a long comment and LOST IT! Hate it when blogger does that!

    So, first, books. I, too, love books related to WWI (and II and in-between). So, that one and the Halifax story sound especially interesting. And I'm hoping you enjoy Girl on the Train. Do hang in for the first 40 pages or so. It's worth it.

    I especially want to thank you for the wonderful comment you shared on my blog about trees and cottages and lake houses and McMansions. Yes, we're very sad -- and I can tell you understand because you have experienced cottage life and it is its own very special thing. I did plant two hydrangeas last week that are supposed to reach 8 feet tall and later this month or next, three Norway pines are going in. They start at five feet and grow two feet a year, so hopefully we will buy back some privacy in time. But it will always be a change and how I miss the past! Thank you for understanding.

    1. I am part way through Girl on the Train and yes, I am enjoying it. Thank you for your comments and all the best with your tree situation.

  2. Thanks for sharing your summer reading list. I'm always on the lookout for recommendations. I've read many of John Grisham's books, but not Camino Island. I'll look for it. I have read The Girl on the Train. It is a fabulous book!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Have fun reading!!
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

    1. Thanks Carol for stopping by. If you like John Grisham I am sure you will like Camino Island.


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