September 20, 2018

Set the Table - Fall Luncheon

I so enjoy these Harvest Pumpkin salad plates that I picked up earlier this year on clearance.
I have listed sources at the end of the post.

I thought they were discontinuing this pattern, but they are still available this year, but not on clearance.

Each plate in the set is different so that each place setting on the table is unique.

The Cambria luncheon plates pair nicely with the salads.

I have also used matching Jacquard placemats and napkins in a similar green as the Cambria plates.

The centrepiece is very simple.

I cut branches from my Canadian Red Maple just starting to show tinges of red on the leaves.
I also cut branches from the Rose of Sharon.

The branches were laid out on the table.  Three faux pumpkins were placed on top of the branches.
It doesn't get any easier than that.

Some of the Rose of Sharon is still blooming so that there are little bits of pink or white here and there.

I love the Rose of Sharon, but find that I have to remove all the spent blooms at the end of the season.  The seeds go everywhere and would populate the entire yard with little Rose of Sharon shrubs.

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Source List

Cambria Salad Plates in Celadon HERE
Harvest Pumpkin Salad Plates HERE
Jacobean Jacquard Placemats HERE
Matching Napkins HERE
Pewter Napkins Rings - part of my collection
Silver flatware - several different patterns for mix and match
Faux pumpkins - painted dollar store pumpkins

Some of the Links are Associate Links

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