September 27, 2018

Autumn Inside Outside

Autumn is a time of year when we begin to turn our gaze indoors when we start to think of gathering around the hearth, warm blankets, hearty meals, candles and sweaters.

We are not entirely ready to stay inside, though, and there is still a lot to see and do outside.

For so many it is a new beginning, a new year.  It is the start of the school year.

I am usually sad to see the end of summer, however this year I have welcomed the cooler temperatures of fall.

A visit to a local roadside vegetable stand is always a must for me.

This is Linton's Farm Market

I look forward to the harvest and the glorious colours of autumn.

Back inside it is time to pull out the plaid and tartan wool throws and have some fun decorating with faux and real pumpkins.

The blankets are fun to use outside too.

Ontario nectarines have been very sweet and delicious this year.

We have harvested a few pumpkins from our patch.

These are just some of the white and green ones.  There are still lots more to pick.

A small vignette in an old galvanised homemade toolbox found in the old shed at the farm.
The plates from front to back are a glass pumpkin plate from Bowrings, Baldero Pinheiro Grape pattern (I have just the one plate), and Spice Road Ginger from Pier 1 Imports.

Warty pumpkins at Linton's

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