January 17, 2017

January - a great time for a new start

January - a great time for a new start.

Barbara Windle

Yes, January is a good time for a new start.  I had promised myself that I was going to publish a new blog this year and now I am doing it.  The blog will be about my passion: easy elegant decorating and beautiful gardens.

My partner and I are fortunate to have two properties in our possession.  One is a small house in the city and the other is a farm in the country.  I hope to be able to share photos and projects from both properties in my posts.

                          Barbara Windle

Today, I will share photos from the farm property.  It is a beautiful 100 acre farm in Ontario.  Up until about three years ago beef cows were kept and as well chickens and crops were grown.  The crops are still grown and chickens are raised in summer.  We make jams, jellies, sweet breads, preserves and our speciality Iced Red Currant Tea.  We get fresh eggs from the neighbours or from my son and daughter-in-law who live down the road.

Barbara Windle
Snow on a rail fence

Barbara Windle
A January morning in the Country
Winter in the country is a lovely time of year.  It is a time to renew and make plans for the next season.  It is a time to reflect and be thankful for this beautiful place.

Barbara Windle
The pond and Bunkie
I have a lot of ideas to share in future posts and later this week I will be sharing an idea for your old Christmas wreath.  

I hope you can come along with me on this new journey.



  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I saw your port with the green bunny plates and hopped back to see your first post. I started my blog right before I retired. I have not posted a new tablescape for a long time but I still love to look at them..... Good luck on your new adventure.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Candy. This is certainly a new experience, but, I am really enjoying it. I will check out some of your posts as well.


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