February 03, 2017

Set The Table for Valentine's Day



Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate with kids and loved ones.  It's a day to show them how much you love them and maybe cook a special meal.  Even better, they might want to cook for you.

Whatever your plans for the day, I hope it is filled with fun and love and special memories.

Let's get busy and Set the Table


I started with my Mother's hand crocheted tablecloth layered over a Grey tablecloth.
I used Silver Chargers and White Tea Platters by Royal Albert as plates.  On top, I used Red Transferware Salad Plates.


I set out the Adam Silver flatware.  The side plates are Red Transferware under White Porcelain.

The stemware I chose is also pink.


I used White Linen Napkins and Pink Beaded Hearts at each place setting.
The hearts I have had for a few years and I enjoy bringing them out at this time of year.


I actually made the beaded napkin rings some years ago when my daughter was younger.  We were both beading things back then.


I was able to find some Pink Macaroons at the store to finish.  

The Red Transferware Platter on the right next to the flowers was given to me by a friend.  The glaze is crazed and the white background doesn't look so white anymore.  It is simply stamped England on the back with no maker's name.


A wooden love letter sits under the flowers.


Whenever I set the table I try to balance it with colour and metallics and texture.  I like to repeat elements that are the same.  Pink and White was my starting point.  Then I added Grey and/or Silver.  There is texture in the tablecloth, the flowers, the beaded hearts and the napkin rings.  Try to make sure that each of the elements shows up throughout your design.  At some point, it will come together and look cohesive.  


Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hello Barbara! Nice to meet you! I first read your post on buying white dishes when you first get married, then I followed the link to here. I'm coming over from Feathered Nest Friday, I believe. Your home is lovely from what I've seen in these two posts so far! Happily pinned several of your photographs to my At Table and Lovely China boards for you.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Barb :)

    1. Hi Barbara. Nice to meet you too. I am so glad you have come over to see me. It is always nice to meet a new friend. Thank you for pinning my photos. I hope to see you again sometime.

  2. Beautiful. I just discovered your blog. I came over from Home Sweet Home. One of my favourite blogs. An inspiration!


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