August 23, 2018

Set the Table - Mixing Antique & Contemporary China

What fun it is at this time of year to set up a table for two in the garden.

We recently acquired an antique/vintage set of dishes that we like very much.

These dishes came from The Wild Garden in Cannington, Ontario.  This is a floral shop that also carries antiques and gifts.    I love what Scott has done with his shop.
I will provide contact information at the bottom of the post.

I did some searching online to find a pattern name and possible manufacturing dates but came up with nothing for this particular pattern.  

The back stamp is a little hard to see, but it says Made in Egland H&K Tunstall.

There are many patterns under the Tunstall name.

I do enjoy pairing vintage or antique china with today's patterns.
I like how these two patterns go so nicely together even though the style and textures are very different.

When bringing two different sets like these together, find a common theme or colour.
In this display, I used colour to bring them together.  The gold/yellow edge of the plate plays nicely with the same colour on the solid plates and napkins.

The set came with a couple of small pitchers that we used for individual flower arrangements.

We used vintage parfait glasses as water goblets.

I can only tell you that they came from the thrift store.  I have no idea who the manufacturer was.

We used a mix of vintage silverplate flatware.

I'm moving and most of my tablecloths have been packed.
The foundation for the setting is a Pashmina scarf.


Wicker Chargers - Pier 1 Imports (They are no longer in stock.)

Antique Tunstall China -  The Wild Garden  Located on Cameron Street in Cannington 705-432-3340.  The Wild Garden is not an affiliate.

Dinner plate and salad plate Spice Route Ginger -  from Pier 1 Imports.  (No longer in stock.)

Silver flatware, candlesticks - Part of my collection for a number of years.

Napkins HERE

Flowers - Cut from my garden.

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  1. What a pretty combination! Those antique dishes are very pretty and I like their square shape. If you write to Replacements, Ltd. and show them the pictures they will likely be able to identify the pattern. They have a contact form on their website. I’ve used them many times for assistance. The scarf was a pretty idea and creates a romantic tone! Love the pretty flowers at each place setting!

  2. Barbara @ Fair Meadow Place27 August 2018 at 20:40

    Thank you, Liz. Replacements is a great resource and I have used them myself to find out the names of patterns. This time I didn't, however I did check their website to see if it was there and it was not. Thank you for your helpful tips and thoughtful comments.

  3. Wonderful table setting, the plates are gorgeous together. I love this happy table.

  4. Barbara @ Fair Meadow Place27 August 2018 at 22:13

    Fabby, thank you for your comments. It is really nice to hear from you.

  5. Fantastic blog post and photographs, Barbara!!!. I'm so happy that the charming set of dishes were found by you to style and create with. You have given them purpose once again and the power to inspire all of us to creative reuse of vintage treasures. Very impressive. It's also nice to know there are other people out there with an appreciation and vision like ours at the WILD Garden. Thanks for tagging us in your blog and for keeping the collecting passion alive and well and purposeful too! Scott at the WILD garden

  6. Barbara @ Fair Meadow Place27 August 2018 at 22:45

    Hi Scott.
    Thank you for your very nice comments. I am only too happy to mention shops I enjoy visiting and doing business with and who are also local to us. I will be in to visit again to see what other treasures you have brought to Cannington.
    Stay well. We will see you soon.

  7. I love the square shape and edge detail on your great finds! Although I very much like (and buy!) dishes in contemporary patterns, I find the colorful details on vintage and antique china to be the inspiration for lovely tables. They add a unique point of view to the setting, particularly when paired with the clean lines of modern dishes.

  8. Barbara @ Fair Meadow Place29 August 2018 at 09:25

    It just makes sense, Sandra, to try to incorporate vintage china into our daily lives. They add a lovely dimension to the table. Thank you for stopping to see me.

  9. Very pretty tablescape. I love the mix of antique and contemporary. Good luck with your move!

  10. Barbara @ Fair Meadow Place29 August 2018 at 17:48

    Thank you, Snap. I have two months to go before the move and I am looking forward to getting settled in the new place.

  11. I love mixing vintage with new china. What an adorable pattern. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  12. Lovely outdoor dining setting. I love the layers and textures on the settings. Happy Fall, Kippi


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