August 29, 2018

Is It Pumpkin Time Yet?

This is Maximus who was born in the barn next to the pumpkin patch about four years ago.

He knows about pumpkins.

The pumpkin mounds are huge this year.

They are more than waist high and have spread up to twenty feet across.

It's a good thing we have lots of space for them.

There have been a lot of flowers but we should check on their progress.

They are still a little small and green.

Our Irish neighbour likes to call the unripe green ones Irish pumpkins.

Some of them are supposed to be green, though.

The white pumpkins are starting to grow and look good.

 The orange pumpkins are not nearly ready.

Some of these will be the smaller pie pumpkins

They all need more time.

It is still early. In about a month they should be ready.

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